Lighter than Air

Each cupcake is hand made in our family business, filled with love and creativity. One of our mottos around here is, "Because nutritious can be delicious." All ingredients are fresh from the farms and organically based to give you the healthiest, no preservatives, delicious tasting cupcakes. Stop in and give it a try for yourself! Skinny doesn't just look good, it tastes good.

Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom far away. So far into the sky that the people called it "the heavens" because it was so majestic. In this kingdom, there was an aroma that filled the land and all the people were entranced. In this small little bakery in a state called Texas, one of the best inventions ever created was made. The Cupcake. It came to be the best bakery in the kingdom and all the people claimed it as their own. And so it was called, The Cupcake Heaven.